Success Stories

Alma y Marlo

Improve School Infastructure

Over 25 years ago Marlo Landaverde was just a high school teacher working in a public school in Trojes. But even then he had a dream of providing the highest level of education to the children he saw growing up around him. Luckily for him he met a primary school teacher, Alma Flores, who shared his dream. Alma and Marlo were married 22 years ago, and have been working together ever since to make their dream into a reality.

Latest Stories

Sandra Andero

Clothing Store

Sandra Andero used a group loan to open a clothing store in the front room of her house. As her store has begun to profit, she has been able to begin saving some of her earnings. Now her seven-year-old son Mario is learning to save too, so he can buy himself a new pair of football (soccer) shoes.

Joaquin Lopez

Mini Market

Joaquin Lopez´s modesty masks the story of a man who has worked hard his entire life to provide for his family. Joaquin never went to school, and can barely right his own name. But thirty years ago he opened a small store in the mountains outside of his village, and through hard work and perseverance it has managed to flourish.

Megdalia Maldonado

Clothing Store

Megdalia Maldonado runs a clothing shop in a small room off to the side of her home. The clothes are piled together around the cluttered room and there is barely room to move around. Megdalia looks around and smiles. “My clients keep telling me I need a bigger place.”

Yolanda Vallejo

To Sell more Tortillas

When Yolanda Vallejo first came to FINCA, she had been selling tortillas for nine years. But without the necessary capital, she was unable to make a profit and improve her life.

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